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Company Profile

Labimex AD has been established in 1997 and it was one of the first privately held companies for whole laboratory supplies.

Currently our activities are focused on distribution of fine and pure chemicals and standards for analytical, quality control, scientific and governmental labs.


Labimex AD is an authorized distributor of leading European and World manufacturers specialized in manufacturing of laboratory chemicals and reagents, standards, laboratory consumables, glassware and plastic ware, laboratory equipment for routine and specific application.

Bulgarian customers have been using high quality products of Belgian company CHEM-LAB NV /manufacturer of high-purity NIST - traceable organic and inorganic standards, tailor made solutions, laboratory reagents/ for the last four years. Most popular products of CHEM-LAB NV are:

  • TITREX – Titrimetric solutions
  • PHARMEX – Reagents according to European Pharmacopoeia
  • IONEX – Standard solutions for AAS, ICP, IC, HPLC, GC, GC-MS, ICP-MS etc.
  • AUTOMATEX – Reagents for automatic analyzers and industrial on-line analyzers
  • HYDREX – Buffer solutions, reference materials for conductivity and turbidity
  • TAYLOR MADE SOLUTIONS – Products manufactured according to specific customer specifications.


Exclusively through Labimex Ltd Bulgarian end-users since October,2010 have been able to work with high quality reagents produced and distributed from Belgian company ACROS ORGANICS BVBA /as a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Global Chemicals/:

  • Core organic chemicals and reagents for research and development and for routine laboratory work
  • Broad range of analytical reagents – solvents (anhydrous, spectrophotometric, HPLC, GC, GC-MS), salts, solids, ultrapure chemicals for elemental analysis, reagents according to Ph.Eur., USP, BP
  • Reagents for protein chemistry, molecular and cell biology
  • Essential chemicals for medicinal and synthetic chemistry


Labimex AD Values:


  • Customer focus: We concentrate our efforts on the individual requirements of our customer as well as market requirements in Bulgaria. For this reason the company offers competitive prices, flexible schemes of payment with steady terms of delivery to the customers’ door.
  • Personal engagement: We achieve results through individual commitment, continual skills development and entrepreneurial behavior.
  • Team spirit: We rely on the strength of teamwork to realize our full potential. A young and dynamic team will fulfill your expectations and will honour any arrangements made.
  • Innovation: Using extensive know-how and experience throughout the company, we continuously endeavour to bring new services, applications and products to the market.

Integrity: Loyalty and honesty lie at the root of our business relationships. We are a trustworthy and respectful partner in all our internal and external relationships.